The Enchanting Elegance of White Discus

The white discus fish is one of the most beautiful discus fish in the world, characterized by its distinct white body color. It is well-suited for both landscape and aquarium settings. Bred by Malaysian breeders, it incorporates genetic traits from the brown discus fish, resulting in its exquisite appearance. The white discus fish possesses a delicate, bright, and pure beauty that captivates all who encounter it.

White Discus imgaes

White Discus 3
White Discus 2
White Discus 1
White Discus 12
White Discus 11
White Discus 10
White Discus 9
White Discus 8
White Discus 7
White Discus 6
White Discus 5
White Discus 4

White discus fish can be crossbred with red or yellow discus fish to create new varieties such as white-red discus fish or yellow-red discus fish.

People often say “white as jade,” and it is not wrong when you witness the beauty of this WHITE JADE discus fish. I never imagined that future generations could create such a beautiful discus fish. WHITE JADE appears pure white, transparent, and pristine, reminiscent of a 16-year-old girl in her youthful and graceful beauty. WHITE JADE symbolizes the Metal element for the owner when keeping this type of discus fish, especially when combined with yellow discus fish. It brings abundant prosperity, peace, and harmony to the family. Typically, Feng Shui enthusiasts choose to keep 8 WHITE JADE discus fish and 1 LEMON YELLOW or albino yellow discus fish simultaneously.