Top seven fastest shark species at risk of extinction

Sharks are representatives of the majestic beauty of the blue ocean. They are not only the king of predators but also possess high-speed swimming abilities on every wave. The following article will provide the top seven fastest shark species in the world.      

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-1
Sharks have astonishingly fast swimming speed

 Review of seven fastest shark species in the ocean

1. Shortfin Mako Shark 

According to global research, the Shortfin Mako Shark is currently the fastest shark in the world with a swimming speed of up to 69 km/h. However, they are listed as a threatened species due to overfishing by those seeking to catch these fast-swimming sharks.

Moreover, the meat and fins of the Shortfin Mako Shark have high value and are used to create various dishes and commercial products, so they are being hunted without control. According to research by scientists, it will take more than 50 years to recover this species under the condition that they are not caught during that time. If not, in just a few years, they will fall into the abyss of danger due to the low population and the risk of extinction forever.     

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Shortfin Mako Shark can swim at nearly 70 km/h

2. Great White Shark 

With a speed of up to 32 km/h, the Great White Shark is known as one of the fastest swimmers among shark species and is also known as the largest meat-eating predator in the world. However, they are also threatened by humans and other predatory species such as killer whales, which pose a threat to their lives. Their large body size is a leverage point that helps them to swim fast and strongly.

The tail of the Great White Shark helps to reduce water resistance, enabling them to swim as fast as a missile in the vast ocean. The fins also aid in removing obstacles so they can move quickly forward without fear of any barriers.       

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-3
Great White Sharks can remove obstacles with their fins.

3. Leopard Shark

The Leopard Shark swims relatively fast at the bottom of the ocean, measuring over 1 meter long. They are a fairly friendly species to humans, specifically if they do not pose any danger to humans. However, if approached closely, they can create a sense of danger and may bite.        

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-4
Leopard Sharks do not harm humans.

4. Saw Shark  

The Saw Shark belongs to the group of Saw Sharks, they move very fast at night, which is their time to hunt and main activity. With a body length of over 1 meter, the Saw Shark twists and turns in the depths of the ocean with strong fins that allow it to push past obstacles and approach prey in the best possible way.      

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-5
Saw Sharks use their saws to navigate around rocky areas.

5. Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Sharks have two eyes on each side of their head, which allows them to see both above and below at the same time very flexibly. In Particular, they can quickly rotate their heads when they detect prey with high hunting speed. This species of shark often swims and operates in schools, and their feeding time is usually during the day.         

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-6
Hammerhead Sharks move quickly thanks to their eyes.

6. Tiger Shark 

The Tiger Shark is a type of shark that can swallow anything, they are extremely brave and often live in deep and dangerous waters. They can overcome all obstacles, including large rock formations, to move at an incredible speed when they detect their favorite prey.

At night is the suitable time for hunting. They will sneak through the rocky areas and search for food in the depths of the ocean. This type of shark also has the ability to regurgitate what they have swallowed, and they can even store food and stay in one place for a few months without any difficulty.            

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-7
The Tiger Shark usually hunts at night.

7. Goblin Shark 

The Goblin Shark lives up to its scary name – it is a shark that not only moves quickly in the ocean but is also a true predator. With a strong jaw and long, sharp teeth, it can easily swallow any prey that falls within its sight. The body of the Goblin Shark has a distinctive color.         

top-seven-fastest-shark-species at-risk-of-extinction-8
Goblin Sharks move like surfing on the sea.

So are fast-moving shark species easily caught or not?

The risk of extinction for the fastest shark species in the world.

Currently, with economic and commercial value, humans do not hesitate to risk their lives to better access dangerous species like sharks. Humans have also developed many types of electric shock devices, fishing rods, etc. that can pose a danger to sharks regardless of their size or intelligence.

Although the problem of illegal fishing and this lack of control is condemned and even causing damage to natural resources and endangering rare and precious species like sharks, humans still have no intention of stopping. And even though sharks may be fast, agile, and clever, they can still be caught and used to serve human needs.           

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Fast-swimming shark species still face rampant hunting 

Above are the top seven fast-swimming and formidable shark species that we have collected. We hope that this article is useful for you. See you in new and exciting topics in the next articles.