The fisherman’s collection of bizarre marine creatures is extremely astonishing

Spending a significant amount of time exploring the deep ocean, the Russian photographer frequently captures incredibly strange-looking rare fish.

Bizarre Marine Creatures 1
Roman Fedortsov, 39 years old, is a fisherman and photographer based in Russia. Sometimes, he has to travel far to unfamiliar waters to ensure a plentiful supply of fish, often in locations far from the mainland and at depths of 3000 meters where he needs to catch them.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 2
As a result, he frequently encounters incredibly bizarre-looking fish.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 3
Recently, Fedortsov has once again released his latest collection of photographs featuring the “monsters” that inhabit the “Twilight Zone” – the deep-sea area between 200 and 1000 meters below the ocean’s surface.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 4
“I live in Murmansk, Russia. It is a major port, and that’s why I enrolled in Maritime University after finishing high school. My profession is closely related to fishing. I usually prepare fish for freezing and deliver it to customers,” Roman shared with Bored Panda.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 5
It turns out that Roman is quite fond of collecting these bizarre sea creatures. These peculiar fish are mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents Seas in the northern part of Russia.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 6
Roman truly enjoys exploring the unusual creatures in remote sea areas. “I decided to create a social media account because many people don’t know what some fish species actually look like,” he said.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 7
“I am often impressed by the appearance of deep-sea fish species and I want to share this joy with others,” he said. “I have never been afraid of the fish I catch. I am always fascinated and impressed.”
Bizarre Marine Creatures 8
In the photo is a species of fish commonly found in the deep waters of the North Atlantic, Lycodes reticulatus. Fedortsov describes them as resembling dwarves in fantasy films.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 9
Many species of animals photographed by Fedortsov are shared on social media, seeking the help of experts to identify them.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 10
One peculiar fish species among the deep-sea creatures that Fedortsov has caught.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 11
Many deep-sea creatures unintentionally get entangled in nets and die immediately upon being brought to the surface.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 12
The reason is that deep-sea organisms are adapted to high-pressure environments, so when they are rapidly brought up to the water surface, their organs can rupture, making it impossible for them to survive.
Bizarre Marine Creatures 13
Sometimes, Fedortsov makes the fish look even more peculiar with his unique angles and perspectives when taking photographs.