The Meaning of Blue and Green Roses

There are currently two types of roses available in the market: blue roses and green roses. Each shade of blue carries its own unique beauty. Now let’s explore the meaning of these roses.

Blue roses

Being a flower widely favored by young people all over the world, blue roses are cherished for their unique and intricately bred beauty. These roses boast vibrant, large blooms, with their petals arranged in harmonious layers. What sets them apart is their gentle yet incredibly captivating fragrance.

What is the meaning of blue roses? Firstly, they symbolize immortality and eternity in love. Nothing, no force, can separate the bond between two souls.

The color green is symbolic of trust and hope, so naturally, flowers bearing that color also carry a similar connotation. They represent the dreams and aspirations of individuals. Whenever you look at them, it is hoped that you will find the strength to continue pursuing your own ambitions.

Furthermore, this flower species is incredibly rare in nature. Therefore, the significance of green roses also symbolizes mystery and allure. If someone presents them to you, it implies that you are considered a remarkable individual.

Blue rose images

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Green roses

This is a flower species created through genetic modification technology in Japan. Unlike the glamorous red, the vibrant and alluring yellow, or the pure white, the green rose brings forth a mysterious yet captivating beauty that is gentle, intimate, and capable of melting hearts at first sight.

Like other colors of roses, they also carry significant meanings in life. The symbolism of green roses represents simplicity, naturalness, and the passion of youth. As the years of youth pass by, there will be countless difficulties and challenges, but the affection between two individuals will remain as it was in the first moments.

Green, the color that symbolizes growth, vitality, and abundant life. Despite facing any challenges, it will always rise, develop, and embrace the sunlight. They serve as a reminder to everyone that no matter how difficult and exhausting life may be, we must strive to rise above and overcome in order to achieve success in the future.

Moreover, according to Feng Shui beliefs, the green color symbolizes the Wood element, which generates Water and is compatible with Fire. Those elements, when combined with the green rose as a decorative element in the house, are believed to bring luck and prosperity.

Green roses images

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