Top seven blue-colored fish species that are popular today

Blue-colored fish species are not only beautiful and attractive, but also bring peace and harmony. If you love the color blue, then check out this article right away! Through research, we have compiled a list of the top seven most popular blue-colored fish species today.

blue-colored fish species-1
Article compiling seven stunning blue-colored fish species 

Here are the 7 most beautiful and popular blue-colored fish species that are commonly chosen as ornamental fish and currently widespread:

1. Neon Tetra

The Neon Tetra, also known as Green Neon, is a fish species that belongs to the same family as White Cloud Mountain Minnows – Characiformes – and shares many similarities with them. This fish species is relatively small in size and often prefers to live in schools. An adult Neon Tetra can reach a size of 3 to 4cm.

blue-colored fish species-2
eon Tetras often prefer to live in schools.

Neon Tetras have the ability to glow beautifully in the dark. They swim and move in schools, creating shimmering and colorful streaks that are extremely attractive. They has a striking dark blue color that runs along its body. The blue color is combined with a few other diverse colors such as red, black, and silver-white. However, the blue color is still the dominant and most outstanding color of this fish species.
2 .Blue Discus

Blue Discus, also known as Blue Discus fish, has the genetic makeup of the Blue Turquoise discus fish. When young, Blue Discus often have a transparent green color. As they grow, their color gradually changes to a more prominent and vibrant emerald green. They can also have other colors accompanying them, such as white stripes, blue stripes, red stripes, or spots.

blue-colored fish species-3
. Blue Discus fish has the genetic makeup of the Blue Turquoise

Blue Discus can be hybridized from the genes of many other discus fish species. This type of fish has the unique ability to change color depending on their mood.

3. Blue Tang Fish

Blue Tang fish, also known as the blue tang surgeonfish, is famous for the character Dory in the animated movie “Finding Nemo” released in 2003 and its sequel “Finding Dory” released in 2016 by Disney/Pixar.

The Blue Tang fish has a round and flat body, with blue being the dominant color surrounding the body, combined with black patterns on the body. The tail and pectoral fins of this fish are usually yellow in color.

blue-colored fish species-4
The Blue Tang fish is also a beautiful blue fish

The Blue Tang fish has the ability to change color depending on their environment and living conditions. Adult fish have a darker color than smaller ones. During the breeding season, female blue tangs often change their color from dark blue to light blue. 

Nowadays, the Blue Tang fish is becoming increasingly popular and well-known worldwide. It has become one of the most beloved and desired species of fish in the ocean.

4. Blue Striped Ali Fish

The Blue Striped Ali fish, also known as the Blue Ali, originates from some African countries. This fish species has many vibrant and colorful patterns, among which the color blue is considered the most beautiful and prominent. 

blue-colored fish species-5
Blue Striped Ali fish has a wide range of vibrant and diverse colors.

The entire body of the Blue Ali fish is covered with a dark blue color, accompanied by eye-catching, unique and impressive black stripes and markings.

5. Blue Grass Seven-Color Fish

Blue Grass seven-color fish, also known as Guppies or Million fish, is a beautiful and popular species of fish in the world today. They are relatively easy to care for and adapt well to their surrounding environment.

There are many diverse and abundant types of seven-colored fish in the world. However, the most prominent one that many people seek is still the Blue Grass seven-colored fish. This type of fish has an impressive and beautiful tail and dorsal fin in blue, with eye-catching polka-dot patterns as its highlight. 

blue-colored fish species-6
Blue Grass seven-colored fish stands out and is sought after by many people

6. Blue Sailfish

The Blue Sailfish is one of the most popular marine fish breeds, highly appreciated for its vibrant, eye-catching blue coloration, which symbolizes tranquility. This fish species has a relatively gentle nature, is adaptable, and can easily thrive in new environments.

blue-colored fish species-7
The Blue Sailfish tang symbolizes tranquility

The Blue Sailfish is currently the top choice for ornamental fish tanks, as they help create a colorful and eye-catching community. Although this species has many diverse colors, the most prominent is still the blue color, which is favored by many people.

7. Blue Betta Fish

The Blue Betta fish, is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for fish that is popular among many people nowadays. This fish species originated from Thailand and has a diverse range of colors, but the blue Betta remains the most popular.

blue-colored fish species-8
The Blue Betta fish comes from Thailand

The lifespan of a Blue Betta fish can range from 3 to 5 years, and their average length can reach 6 to 8 cm. Their pretty tail, which is shaped like a fan, is a beautiful highlight of this fish species.

Benefits of raising blue-colored fish 

  •  Blue-colored fish are symbolic of peace and tranquility. Raising blue-colored fish will bring you a sense of calm and peacefulness.
  • In addition, keeping blue-colored fish indoors also brings luck and fortune to the homeowner according to Feng Shui. The blue color on the fish’s body carries profound meanings of stability and reliability.

Note: It is recommended to avoid placing the fish tank in areas with direct sunlight, near electronic devices or in bedrooms. Being aware of this note helps ensure the safety and health of both the owner and the beautiful fish.

blue-colored fish species-9
Various blue fish species will bring you a sense of peace and serenity.

In summary, this article has compiled seven beautiful blue fish species that you should consider for your home aquarium. Hopefully, this information will be useful in helping you choose the right fish for you. Please visit our website to learn more about the world of aquatics!