Various types of orange-colored fish are beautiful and attractive to the eye

The aquatic world is diverse with many species of fish that have vibrant and beautiful orange color. These types of fish help those who love the color orange create more highlights in their aquarium or design their own orange-themed aquariums. If you also love the orange color of beautiful fish, please refer to the article below. We have compiled 10 stunning orange-colored fish species to see which one will catch your attention! 

The aquatic world is diverse with many species of fish that have vibrant and beautiful orange color.

Top 10 Beautiful and Attractive Orange-Colored Fish.

Orange is a vibrant color that symbolizes fire and the sun, attracting attention and catching everyone’s eye. Below are the top 10 most popular and attractive orange-colored fish in the aquatic world. Please refer to them!

1. Veiltail Goldfish 

The veiltail goldfish is the most classic, familiar, and popular fish in the aquatic world. This type of goldfish stands out with its beautiful long veil tail and long trailing fins. The fins of the goldfish are even longer than those of the fantail goldfish. 

The veiltail goldfish come in various colors. Some are entirely orange, while others have more white mixed with some patches of orange.

Veiltail Goldfish is the most classic, familiar fish.

The most prominent feature of veiltail goldfish is its beautiful fins, including five high dorsal fins resembling a fan and a tail fin. As adults, this fish can reach a maximum size of 6 to 7 inches, including its fins. The veiltail goldfish have a gentle nature and can live harmoniously with other fish in the same tank.

2. Clownfish

The clownfish is a type of marine fish that became famous for its portrayal as the character Nemo in the animated film Finding Nemo, released in 2003. The clownfish impresses with its bright orange color, adorned with a white stripe at the back of the head and a white stripe in the middle of the sides and just in front of the tail of this fish species.

Clownfish impresses with its bright orange color, adorned with a white stripe

 The white stripes are the highlight of Nemo fish, which also have black-bordered fins like the dorsal fins of this fish. The clownfish typically have an average length of about 4 inches. This is a saltwater fish and needs to be raised in a saltwater aquarium.

3. Mandarin fish

The mandarin fish impresses with its bright orange and electric blue color, along with curved stripes in an eye-catching design. The fins of this fish are mainly orange with blue edges. Another unique feature of this fish is its oversized pelvic fins, which they use to “walk” along coral reefs and the ocean floor. 

Mandarin fish impresses with its bright orange and electric blue color. 

The mandarin fish are often found in small groups and they have a length of about 3 inches. The mandarin fish have two defensive glands to keep them safe and survive from large predators:

  • Covered with slime: Instead of being covered in scales, the mandarin fish is covered in a slimy, toxic mucus that deters predators and other animals that prey on it.
  • Sharp spines on its body: the mandarin fish has small spines all over its body that it can use to inject its toxic slime into anything that comes too close.

In many places, the mandarin fish is also known as dragon fish. With its bright and vibrant colors, this fish is now very popular in saltwater aquariums.

4. Orange Betta Fish 

The orange Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish or simply Betta, is a beautiful ornamental fish that has its origins in Thailand and has since been bred and spread all over the world. There are currently three wild Betta species found in Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, and Cambodia, known locally as pla-kad, ikan bettah, and trey krem, respectively.

The orange Betta fish is also a beautiful species in the aquatic world. Betta fish come in various bright colors and can be impressive, such as the electric blue color with a striking red tail or the bright yellow color. However, the orange betta fish is truly outstanding and favored by many people, some of which even have a striking and impressive cam-red color. 

Betta fish have distinctive long fins, similar to the veil-tailed goldfish, but their fin size is not as large. The body of a betta fish is about 2 to 3 inches long, not including its fins.             

Orange Betta Fish is also a stunning species in the aquatic world.

In contrast to the gentle nature of goldfish, betta fish are quite aggressive and combative. You should not keep two male betta fish in the same aquarium. A group of females can coexist peacefully, but males should be separated.

In reality, betta fish are often bred and used for gambling in fighting matches, which is why they are also known as Siamese fighting fish. Male bettas can be peaceful if kept alone in a tank with other well-behaved fish.

5. Discus Fish 

The discus fish is a freshwater fish with a special appearance that can make a wonderful addition to your aquarium. As the name suggests, the discus fish has a disc-shaped body and can reach a maximum length of about 6-7 inches. 

The discus fish also comes in various colors, but their bright orange color is particularly striking and favored by many. The discus fish are known for swimming in schools, so imagine how impressive and beautiful a school of these fish would look in your aquarium.                

The orange discus fish is a freshwater fish species with a special appearance.

Note: The discus fish can also be territorial and aggressive towards each other or other fish species. You should introduce 10 to 12 juvenile fish at the same time to help them get acquainted with each other and coexist peacefully. Provide plenty of rocks in the aquarium to give them a safe hiding place and prevent them from fighting.

6. Orange Guppies

The orange guppy is a classic freshwater fish, with seven vibrant colors and impressive rainbow patterns. Some of these fish are entirely orange, while others are a beautiful combination of orange, black, and white. The orange guppy has a beautiful fan-shaped tail, and its average length is between 2 and 3 inches. This fish is often known for its strong and combative personality. The orange guppy is also called a curious fish.         

Orange guppy is a classic freshwater fish.

If you want to own a tank with only seven-colored fish, start with three fish, one male and two females, and in no time you will have a beautiful tank filled with seven-colored fish. This type of fish is easy to breed and care for, making it a great choice for beginners.

7. Orange Peel Angelfish 

These cute orange-peel angelfish look like they’re wearing metallic blue glasses. They have a striking bright orange color with blue rings around their eyes, on their gills, and on the edge of their fins.
The orange-peel angelfish is an orange-colored version of the lemon-peel angelfish. They look relatively similar. As adults, the orange-peel angelfish can grow to 5 to 6 inches long and should be kept in an aquarium that holds at least 70 gallons of water.      

Orange peel angelfish is an orange version of lemon peel angelfish

The orange-peel angelfish can be aggressive, so it’s best to keep them separately as you would a betta, and you shouldn’t keep two males in a tank.

8. Orange-rimmed stork fish

 The orange-rimmed stork fish is a beautiful saltwater fish. They are not entirely orange, but are adorned on the outside with stripes and an orange tail against a backdrop of attractive grayish-green color.

The orange-rimmed stork fish has a long, sleek shape with a large head and a small, cute mouth that always appears to be pouting. Their eyes are placed near the top of their head, while their spines are usually located on their first dorsal fin.   

Orange-rimmed stork fish is a stunning saltwater fish.

The orange-rimmed stork fish is a very territorial species and should be kept in its own tank. This fish can reach a maximum length of nearly 12 inches, so it needs to live in a tank that can hold at least 180 gallons of water.

9. Koi fish

The Koi fish is a beautiful fish species with striking orange color. They are often raised in large outdoor ponds or water gardens. While they can be temporarily kept in a small aquarium, they thrive in larger pond environments. 

The Koi fish are actually a variety of carp and are closely related to traditional goldfish. They are often raised for their ornamental beauty and are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and financial opportunities to their owners. According to Feng Shui principles, the more the Koi pond thrives, the more luck and wealth it brings. 

Koi fish is a beautiful fish species with striking orange color.

The Koi fish comes in a variety of color patterns, with the orange, black, and white combination being the most common. Some rare Koi fish have red and gold colors mixed together, while others are entirely orange.

The largest Koi fish can grow up to 3 feet long, so it is important to plan accordingly when setting up a pond to house these fish. To raise a school of approximately 10 Koi fish in your backyard, you need a pond that is at least 12 feet by 10 feet and a depth of at least 3 feet.

10. Flame Angelfish

 The flame angelfish is striking with its bright orange color and black stripes running along its sides, along with dark green edges on its dorsal and anal fins.

They can be quite aggressive, but most of the time they can live stably with many other species in a fish tank. 

The flame angelfish is a dwarf fish, with a maximum length of only about 4 inches, so they can live in small fish tanks. You should add many live rocks to the fish tank so that they can feed on algae. The flame angelfish has an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years. 


Flame angelfish is striking with its bright orange color.

Notes when choosing to raise orange fish.

If you want to raise cute orange-colored fish, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Remember the characteristics of each fish species to create the most suitable living space for them.
  • Maintain the water temperature suitable for the adaptation of each fish species to help them survive for a long time in the aquarium.
  • Prioritize large-sized aquariums to allow orange-colored fish to swim comfortably.   
Remember the characteristics of each fish species to create a suitable living space

In general, when you want to raise any kind of fish, you need to research their characteristics, living environment, adaptability, and preferred food to be able to raise and keep them in the aquarium for a long time.

In summary, the above article has summarized the 10 most beautiful and cute orange-colored fish for readers. Hopefully, this information will be useful and help you choose the right orange-colored fish. Please visit our website to learn more useful knowledge about animals!