Types of standout purple fish that you should own

If you love the color purple and want to own cute, eye-catching purple fish in your home aquarium, then this article is for you. Here is a list of some fantastic purple fish species that you can consider and choose to add more charm to your lovely aquarium world.               

8 beautiful purple fish species will be summarized in the following article.

Top 8 Beautiful and Eye-catching Purple Aquatic Fish Species

The beautiful purple fish in the aquarium world that we have compiled below includes some brightly colored saltwater fish and some attractive freshwater fish in shades of purple. Specifically:

1. Royal Gramma Basslet Striped Bass 

The Royal Gramma Basslet striped bass is a saltwater fish with prominent and colorful markings, with the most striking being the half-purple and half-electric yellow coloring. As the colors of this fish transition from purple to yellow, we can see a beautiful and harmonious combination of yellow scales with prominent purple borders.          

The Royal Gramma Basslet striped bass has a half-purple and half-electric yellow coloring.

The Royal Gramma Basslet striped bass has dark black eyes, and at the front edge of its dorsal fin, there is a similarly sized dark spot that is equivalent to its eye. This type of fish usually ranges from 2 to 2.5 inches in size, with some individuals reaching up to 3 inches.

The Royal Gramma Basslet striped bass can live safely and harmoniously with coral reefs. An aquarium containing at least 30 gallons of water with beautiful coral reef designs and many hiding places will help these fish feel comfortable, safe, and able to thrive.

2. Purple Tang Fish

The purple tang fish is a saltwater fish that stands out with its attractive purple body, making it a great choice for your home aquarium. The purple tang fish has a beautiful disk-shaped body, with rounded dorsal and anal fins, a fan-shaped tail fin, and typically bright yellow fins.

The body of the purple tang fish is dark purple to blue with a mix of horizontal dark stripes. Around the sharp snout and face, they have darker, more muted spots than their main body color.         

The purple tang fish stands out with its purple body, attracting attention.

A purple tang fish can grow up to 10 inches in length. A large tank of up to 125 gallons is an excellent choice for those who want to keep this type of fish. Purple tang fish can be quite aggressive, so it’s best not to keep them with other types of fish. They can thrive in a reef tank.

3. Purple Dottyback Fish 

The purple Dottyback fish  is a popular saltwater fish species in the aquarium hobby, known for its bright purple coloration. This fish is capable of changing colors from deep purple to bright red or even pink, with distinct purple circles around each eye.

The purple Dottyback fish can grow up to a maximum length of 3 inches. Its dorsal and anal fins have clear purple spots with simple but prominent lines.      

The purple Dottyback fish can change colors flexibly

This fish is suitable to be kept in a tank with at least 30 gallons of water. If you plan to keep purple Dottyback fish with other fish, make sure there are plenty of hiding places in the tank. They can be territorial and aggressive if they do not have a place to retreat and feel safe.

4. Purple Moscow Guppy    

The purple Moscow guppy is also a suitable choice if you want to have a tank full of colorful purple fish. On average, with a small tank, you can raise 6-8 purple Moscow guppies. The purple Moscow guppy is quite docile and can peacefully coexist with other fish in the tank. They don’t require too much space to live. This fish stands out with its beautiful fan-shaped tail.     

The purple Moscow guppy stands out with its beautiful fan-shaped ta

The purple Moscow guppy has a medium size of 1 to 1.5 inches. Although they may look small and cute, keeping a few in a tank can create a wonderful display, adding beauty to your home aquarium.

5. Purple Betta Fish

The purple Betta fish, is one of the most popular and easy-to-keep freshwater fish today. With its small and cute size, it does not require a large fish tank, taking up a lot of space in your home.

Purple Betta fish have a rather aggressive nature, so you should not put two male bettas in the same tank because they will fiercely fight each other. Purple Betta fish come in many different colors, from vibrant yellow to shocking red, but the most beautiful is still the captivating purple Betta fish.    

The purple Betta fish is also a beautiful purple fish.

Some purple Betta fish have entirely purple bodies, while others have red dorsal and anal fins. The fins of the purple Betta fish are what make them attractive with flowing and mesmerizing fins that capture the eye. Purple Betta fish typically only grow to about 2 to 3 inches in length. This will be an excellent purple fish for you to choose.

6. Purple Tetra Fish

The purple Tetra fish is also a great option to add to your aquarium. This freshwater fish will bring a colorful and diverse touch to your aquarium.

Purple Tetra fish usually has a length of about 1 to 1.5 inches, and they resemble neon tetras in appearance. Their scales are shimmering and seem to change color depending on the light. Sometimes you might see them with a silver hue rather than purple, but they can have a beautiful shade of purple.           

The purple Tetra fish is also a beautiful option.

Purple Tetra fish originates from the Orinoco river basin in South America. On average, a group of 8 to 12 Purple Tetra fish will thrive in a small tank of about 10 gallons of water. Purple Tetra fish can also coexist and thrive in a larger community tank if you keep them with other different types of fish.

7. Purple Cichlid Fish 

The purple Cichlid fish originates from Lake Malawi in Africa and is currently the most diverse species of cichlid fish in the world. According to research, there are over 600 different cichlid species living together in Lake Malawi!

Purple Cichlid Fish are tropical freshwater fish with diverse colors, making them popular in the aquarium hobby among many people who keep fish.     

The purple Cichlid fish has over 600 different species 

The purple Cichlid fish are one of the most popular color choices. Their bodies are all a bright purple color with faint vertical stripes. They have long dorsal fins and their dorsal edges are bright yellow. The maximum length of this fish species can reach from 10 to 12 inches.

8. Purple Dragon Guppy

The purple dragon guppy is also a popular and often chosen species in the aquarium world. This fish has a dark purple body and fins that look very beautiful and eye-catching. Particularly, male purple dragon guppies have additional scales on their body that shimmer with a purple metallic sheen, making them even more striking and attractive.         

The purple dragon guppy has a striking deep purple color on its body and fins, which looks very beautiful and eye-catching.

The tail of the fish is also adorned with beautiful, shimmering stripes. This species of fish is easy to care for and can coexist peacefully with other fish in the tank.

The meaning of beautiful purple fish species

Purple fish species not only bring a striking highlight and add liveliness to the aquarium, owning these beautiful purple fish also brings you luck and good fortune.

The color purple is traditionally a symbol of loyalty, and in addition, these purple fish also represent prosperity, security, and good health. If you love the color purple, then choosing these beautiful purple fish as pets can help decorate your life with beauty and bring you good luck!       

Beautiful purple fish bring luck and fortune.

In summary, above are 8 beautiful purple fish species that attract attention. Hopefully, this article provides readers with useful information and helps them choose the right fish species. Please share this article widely with everyone to gain more useful knowledge!