Vinca minor f. alba (Lesser Periwinkle)

Vinca minor f. alba (Lesser Periwinkle) is a mat-forming, evergreen perennial known for its charming white flowers and glossy foliage.

Vinca Minor F. Alba (lesser Periwinkle)

Here are some key details about this plant:


  • Lesser Periwinkle is a low-growing groundcover with long trailing stems that root at the nodes as they spread along the ground, forming a dense carpet of dark green leaves.
  • The glossy, ovate leaves are neat and attractive.
  • From spring to early fall, the plant produces single, pure white, 5-petaled flowers that are about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. These flowers contrast beautifully against the dark green foliage.
  • The flowers emerge above the foliage and provide a lovely display over an extended period.

Size and Growth Habit:

  • This groundcover typically reaches a height of 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) and spreads to a width of 24-36 inches (60-90 cm).

Cultural Requirements:

  • Lesser Periwinkle thrives in a variety of lighting conditions, from full sun to part shade.
  • It prefers average, well-drained soils with dry to medium moisture levels. While it can tolerate close to full shade, it flowers best when planted in full sun.
  • This groundcover is known for its drought tolerance, making it suitable for low-maintenance landscapes.

Landscape Uses:

  • Lesser Periwinkle is an excellent choice as a groundcover. It forms a dense, attractive carpet of foliage.
  • It’s well-suited for planting on banks and slopes, as well as for underplanting shrubs. It can also be used to provide groundcover for bulbs.
  • This plant is ideal for enlivening dark or shaded areas with its glossy leaves and charming white flowers.

Pest and Disease Resistance:

  • Lesser Periwinkle is generally a hardy and low-maintenance groundcover.
  • It is deer and rabbit resistant.
  • While it does not have serious pest or disease issues, it may be susceptible to aphids or rust in certain conditions.


  • Propagation of Lesser Periwinkle can be done by division in spring or autumn.
  • Additionally, it can be propagated by semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.

Native Range:

  • Vinca minor species is native to Europe and Asia.

In summary, Vinca minor f. alba (Lesser Periwinkle) is an attractive, low-growing groundcover known for its glossy leaves and white flowers. It’s a versatile plant that thrives in a range of lighting conditions and soil types, making it a valuable addition to gardens and landscapes seeking a low-maintenance, resilient groundcover.